Roland Walters of Walters Unlimited

Welcome to our farm!

Walters Unlimited is operated by Roland Walters at the family farm, Carls-Beth Farm.  Located in northwest Orange County, North Carolina, the farm was established by Carl and Elizabeth Walters in 1957. 

Many different farming practices have been part of the operation since then, including crops, sheep, thirty years of dairy cattle, nine years of beef cattle.

Roland began taking over the operation of the farm in late 2004 and converted over to a true grass-fed beef program in 2005. The goal of going to the grass-fed beef was to provide a locally grown, healthy source of beef in a natural, less stressful environment, all the while trying to ensure the future of the farm. Goats were added in 2006, laying hens in 2007, pigs and broiler chickens in 2009.

This year, 2011, we are harvesting our first batch of catfish and will be setting up a greenhouse to begin working towards organic produce production.

A true grass-fed beef program means the cattle eat only grass, hay, and a free-choice mineral.  The cattle never receive any grain.  This is accomplished by utilizing rotational grazing practices as much as possible and by feeding hay only as needed.  

Our pastures are no longer treated with any pesticides.  Neither hormones nor growth promotants are given to the cattle or goats, and we sell only antibiotic-free beef. 

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